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Rough start

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It turns out that someone has reserved –

The nerve! that would have been the perfect domain name. Why? Because it’s simple. It’s my nom de plume and nothing more and in that future world where people 1) know who I am and 2) seek me out on the web, well, I’d be easy to find. Yes, I’m well aware that this future world may never exist anywhere outside my head. But if it does….. my blog will be that little tiniest bit harder to find.

Because I was forced to add in the word spot.

A tragic start to this endeavor.

I cruised over to to check out this other person’s page. You know what I found? Take a guess.

That’s right.

NOTHING. That webpage has not been created. But someone has reserved the name so even though it’s not being used, I’m forced to accept the inferior domain name.

Still – I must move on. I’m here. I’m on the web. I have a blog (my own blog! How many people can claim that? Oh. Right. Lots.)

So look out, internet, here I come.


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