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On Discipline

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Things I plan to do :


Write every day.

Limit what I eat.

Exercise daily.

Turn off the TV or video game and read a book.

Write.  Write.  Write. Write.




What I actually do:


Watch tv.

Eat sugar.


Shop online.

Eat more sugar and drink coffee with it.

A little work.

Eat sugar.

Shop online more.

Eat sugar more.

Gossip more.

Forget my gym bag – again.  Oh well too bad?

Eat sugar.

Watch more tv.

Eat sugar.

TV.  TV.  TV.




There seems to be some kind of disconnect but I’m not sure I can put my finger on quite where it’s at.  Can you?


Do I need to join an Eastern Monastery where I would sleep 5 hours a night, eat 10 grains of rice a day, and meditate/pray for 18 hours a day?  Is that what it would take for me to develop more self-discipline in life?



In this modern world, where the luxury and easy/bad choices are so plentiful, how do we build our discipline?


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