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Self-Publishing : Wave of the Future?

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So you’ve probably heard about Amanda Hocking, the so-called Kindle millionaire who has had a tremendous success selling her YA Vampire books on Kindle after being rejected by traditional publishers.

Will self-publishing become a viable way to make a living as a writer in the future?

For a few people, yes. One of the great things about the digital age is that a writer, artist, or musician no longer needs to have mass market appeal to find an audience. Thanks to the cheap cost of sharing your creations on the internet, people who create work with a niche appeal can find their niche audience when traditional publishers wouldn’t give them a chance. And that’s a great thing.

But there are a lot of words floating around out there in the cloud. The number of decently skilled would-be authors with some talent is tremendous, and there is tons of their stuff around the internet. So be prepared to do an awful lot of self-marketing and self-promotion in order to find an audience as an indie or self published author.

And do your research. The odds are very very much against you. So don’t go in unprepared. David Carnoy provides a lot of useful information about self-publishing based on his own experiences over on CNET.

But don’t give up. Self publishing also gives you freedom to create what you want to create without being tied down to a publisher’s definition of mass appeal.

As for Amanda Hocking? Apparently she is going the traditional route. She has signed a $2 million dollar deal for 4 books as the result of a bidding war that stemmed from her Kindle success.


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  1. I went to a pitch fest (a pitch fest is where writers pitch their film script ideas to producers) and found that producers did not want to hear anything about vampires. This amazes me when people want vampire stories! I imagine Hocking couldn’t find a traditional publisher to publish her books because of the same idiotic idea that “vampires are so over.” Vampires live forever, so they can’t be over! I’m turning my vampire script into a Manga book. Oh, and e-books have been a way for writers to make good money for awhile. For a number of years now there have been erotica writers pulling in about $300,000 a year. There have also been e-publishers that are very good businesses that have also been around for awhile. These are legit publishers in that they do not charge authors for editing, cover design, or anything. They tend to pay about 30% in royalties. So this is a route some authors may want to explore.

  2. I could see there being a fear that the market is too saturated…. But I agree – vampires are going to be interesting for a long time.

    I’m curious to see if Hocking will be as successful going the traditional route. I haven’t read her stuff myself but one of my friends likes her books a lot.

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