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Why you shouldn’t Multi-Task – And why I may have to –

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I multi task alot. I’ll be in the middle of writing, think of an email I should have sent, stop to email it, think of a blog post idea, jot it down, notice my stuffed animals sitting above my monitor are dancing and singing a song, stop to chat with them and record the conversation (for the sake of science of course), etc.

And when I try to get back to what I started writing, I can’t remember where I left off or what I was going to say next.

Sure, I got a lot of other stuff done. But research shows that multi-tasking is less efficient than working on one task at a time. Your brain expends a lot of energy to jump from one mode or thought process to the next, so going back and forth takes more effort.

And for me, it turns into procrastination. I can’t think of the next word to write, so my brain keeps suggesting other things I could be doing instead and, weak of flesh and spirit, I follow.

It’s bad.

But here’s my issue. I am scatterbrained. Yes, my brain is scattered all around me in a whirling tornado, little pieces and chunks flying about in all directions. And I’m scared.

If I remember that I need to call the vet to schedule an appointment for my old sick cat, I’m terrified that if I don’t act on it at that exact second in time, that thought will whirl away and up into the air and it will never come back and I’ll get home and realize the vet is full and my sick kitty has to wait one more day before she can get her medicine.

So a lot of times, I stop and address whatever I’m thinking of because I’m scared that if I don’t do it while I’m thinking about it, I’ll forget to do it at all.

Anyone have a solution for that? Because I’m baffled.

Ok. Here’s what I’m going to try. A to-do list. If I MUST multi-task, I’ll permit myself to stop what I’m doing to put notes into a to-do list, and that’s it. Then back to the task I’m working on.

Fair enough?

We’ll see if it works.

I long for Zen focus and discipline. Maybe I should join a meditation center. Wait, I’ve got to go put that on my to-do list!


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  1. I tend to send myself emails. Then I know I’ll remember whatever it is that was bugging me.

    • I like to use the scheduler on my phone. Sometimes opening Notepad or the like and typing stuff up helps me remember.

  2. i’m just a mess :p


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