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Quitting Writing

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Nobody tells this to people who are beginners . . .

Great link from my friend Andy about frustration with your own crappy amateur writing.

You know what? Sometimes I look at my stories and I think they suck. Sometimes I see no point in writing at all.

But I think this article puts a great perspective on it. The reason you get frustrated with your own work is because you are an expert at what you’re trying to do. People who want to play music spend tons of time listening to the best performers around. People who want to write have read thousands of books by the best writers out there.

We are the most critical judges; because of that, we turn our criticism on our own work and see how far short it falls of the vision we had in our minds of what we wanted to create.

But it’s a learning process. I’m too far gone to pretend I’m ever going to quit. I’m pretty sure this will be a lifelong obsession – as it was for my grandfather and as piano playing is for my father (who continues to take lessons and practice obsessively and get jitters when he performs at church, even though he’s in his 60s and will clearly always be amateur). As kayaking and art are for Rachel.

Sometimes something gets in your blood and you have to do it. But it can be depressing when you see how far from perfect you are.

Reading something like this article helps keep me going even when I know that what I created isn’t what I envisioned, because everything I write is another bit of practice to help me get to the point where I can make something good.


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  1. So true. We can be so hard on our own work. That pushes us to get better.

  2. it is a rough hobby – amazing that so many people keep doing it —


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