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Book Review : Frail by Joan Francis Turner

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My review of Joan Francis Turner’s second novel, Frail, can be found here.

I had difficulty getting through this book, to be honest, which was a sequel to the widely-praised Dust (a book told from the perspective of the Zombie).  In Frail, the MC spends a lot of time with two (or three?) different types of ex-humans, and quite frankly, it becomes very tedious and difficult trying to tell them apart from one another.  I have to wonder why the author required as many distinctions as she made (and if she required those distinctions, did she have to apply the same label – Ex – to all the different types of non-human creatures in the world?  Because that made it very hard for the reader to keep these creatures separate.) But in any case, the writing style is somewhat interesting and I’m sure that the author will build from her initial premise.  If we must have zombies (and it seems we must), we need some good writers out there who can tell the stories in new and unusual ways.

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