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This is almost more for my own record than for anyone else, but I thought I’d list the podcasts I’m listening to lately (and maybe when I’m feeling less lazy, I’ll link to them, as well.


1) Welcome to Nightvale

2) Tales of the Left Hand

3) The Drabblecast

4)  The Drabblecast : B Sides

5) Tales to Terrify

6)  Nightmare

7) Pseudopod

8) Escapepod

9) Podcastle

10) Beneath Ceaseless Skies

11) Cast of Wonders

12) Lightspeed

13) Clarkesworld

14) Strange Horizons

15) Toasted Cake

16) I should be Writing … Sometimes

17)  Starshipsofa

18)  No Sleep

19) Oh and of course Synthetic Voices – a metacast?  discusses where to find good sci fi podcasted stories –

Once I have loaded up and may listen to someday

18) Tales from the Archives

19)  Journey Into…

20)  sffaudio

21) The leviathan

22)  metamor city

23)  Protecting Project Pulp


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