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Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Salon

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So in the past, before the radio and all the modern forms of communication, coffeehouses and literary salons were places where ideas could be developed and spread like fire.  You’d think in the modern world, there’d be so many websites doing the same thing – exploring new ideas about our culture, our philosophies, our society, our new and developing great works of literature or art.  Probably that stuff is out there, but I certainly have trouble finding it.

Looking for the best blogs always leads me to blogs that post interesting things that will grab your interest for 30 seconds at a time, personal health and fitness blogs – so much about reducing your carbon footprint, eating healthy, living a healthy lifestyle.  When did that become the end of our moral obligation?  Is doing a little less harm to our world and our bodies really the ultimate goal?  Why aren’t we this devoted to stronger moral causes – there are SO MANY to choose from?  Why aren’t smart people today spending their time reflecting on improving society in a bigger picture way and the world as a whole – why are we so limited to our own spheres?  Sure, I know the point of reducing one’s carbon footprint is to improve the health of the world on a global scale – but my choice to compost or to use a garbage  disposal is such a small personal choice – how to dispose of the waste that I make on a day to day basis.  Shouldn’t I be concerned with much bigger picture concerns?

I do think we’re ahead, in some senses, in the creation of arts – it’s amazing the things people create and put on the internet – and it’s lovely to see so many niche creators finding a way to share and have their work appreciated.  I’m sure much could be said about flaws with the art world, however – but what about philosophizing?  What about reflecting on our society and ourselves in a bigger picture way?  Where has all of that gone to?

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