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Cold soup

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I don’t like it when restaurants serve cold soup (i.e. Korean restaurants)


I love cereal.

And if you think about it, cereal is just cold soup.  It’s sweet, though.  Have my tastebuds decided that cold soup is only ok if its sweet?


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  1. I eat my cereal mixed with my coffee and milk. Which is always hot. So I always eat my cereals hot. When I fancy eating cereals. Which is not very often I must say. Never really tried them cold though.

    Not sure if I would like that. I, too, don’t like cold soup. (mostly it’s spanish “gazpacho” here, to me more looking like a cold tomato sauce but… also tasted a cold cress soup once at a wedding, I was not the only one to leave it almost untouched I must say).

    I hear that cold soup is refreshing in summer in the countries such as Spain who have high temperatures and I’m sure it is. But to me, the idea of soup is that it must be hot.


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