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Attack of the Vampire Weenies by David Lubar

My review of Attack of the Vampire Weenies is posted.


Attack of the Vampire Weenies: And Other Warped and Creepy Tales by David Lubar
Cover Artist: Bill Mayer
Review by Charity J. Sand
Starscape Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780765323453
Date: 24 May 2011 List Price $15.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

Links: Author’s Website / Show Official Info / ShareThis

Creepy, weird, bizarre short stories perfect for telling around campfires



David Lubar’s latest collection of Weenie short stories runs the gamut from creepy to bizarre to silly. In Attack of the Vampire Weenies, Lubar provides a great set of very short stories for reading around campfires or during sleepovers. These are darker tales than found in some books for kids, so parents should assess for themselves whether these are right for their young children.

Although never gory, Lubar comes up with all kinds of ingenious ways for children to die. He always manages to throw in fun and unexpected twists, even though the stories are very short indeed. And Lubar’s vampires never ever sparkle.

Some standouts from the book:

“Get out of Gym for Free” provides a dark and twisted take on school.
In the story “Attack of the Vampire Weenies”, Lubar attacks the new, kinder image of vampires found in books like Twilight in a way that lovers of traditional vampire stories will cheer for.
“Rapt Punzel” provides a sharp twist to a classic fairy tale.
“The Ride of a Lifetime” shows a kid’s roller coaster fantasy turn into a nightmare.
“Roadwork” stood out as a scary take on something we see everyday.
“The Blacker Cat” brings in a touch of Edgar Allen Poe.
“A Cure for the Common Vampire” rounds out the book with another take on vampires who are most definitely frightening and not at all sparkling.

All in all these entertaining stories will please anyone who enjoys creepy, weird, or bizarre tales told with humor and skill. Its easy to see why David Lubar’s books have become a hit for middle schoolers.



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