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Villain School : Good Curses Evil by Stephanie J. Sanders

My review of this silly twisted tale told in fairy-tale land is here.



Villain School: Good Curses Evil by Stephanie S. Sanders
Cover Artist: Victor Rivas
Review by Charity J. Sand
Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781599906102
Date: 30 August 2011 List Price $15.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

Links: Author’s Website / Show Official Info / ShareThis

Villain School is a place for famous villains to send their disappointingly not-so-villainous kids.



The characters who attend Villain School in Steph Sanders inventive novel are almost familiar, but not quite. They are relatives of famous villains, including the Big Bad Wolf’s son, who isn’t very big or bad at all; Dracula’s niece, Jezebel, who (shamefully!) prefers chocolate milk to blood, the son of the witch who built the gingerbread house, and Rune Drexler, a young man whose father runs a school for developing villains, but whose own inclinations toward villainy are less than promising.

So what do you get when you have a set of children trying to live up to the reputations of their oh-so-famous villain relatives? Betrayals, plots, magic babies, overthrown kingdoms, and of course, revelations about their relationships with their famous relatives that will make them rethink who they are.

The idea behind this fun children’s book allowed the author’s imagination to run with the question of “What would success look like if your goal is evil?” Although the character’s are in pursuit of villainy, they still learn lessons about the importance of trustworthy relationships and the sometimes grey lines between good and evil.

All in all, Villain School: Good Curses Evil is a fun read for kids or adults who enjoy fairy tales in novel length.



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